Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas is Over... Bring on 2013

This year marked the second East Coast Christmas here in Calgary with myself, Laura and Michelle. However, this year there was an addition to our little group.... Laura got married so we kind of have to involve her husband aka Poppa J! haha Even though he isn't from the east coast, he did in fact live there for 2 years and thats where he and Laura met so I guess it was ok that he joined us! It was great having him there. He adds a certain comedic relief in a way to our little group of misfits and it makes everything just that much more funny.
Ok, onto the festivities that occured! I am actually going to start with the Thursday night.
Thursday night the guy that I met a few weeks ago who I like, (yes, I like someone... the fact that Im writing about it will probably curse it and then I will be left in the dust but I wanted to document a few things), came over to hang out. He didn't leave until about 130am and I had to get up at 545am to get ready for work. Thankfully it was friday so it wouldn't be too hard to get ready in the morning. I got to work and felt like I was dying because I was so tired. I hopped up on sugar to help keep my energy up.
So I had to start training for my new postion at work... BTW I got a new position at work! haha My coordinator decided that she would send us home at 330 that day and seeing that there was no one there to train me it was pointless for me to stay at work, so I was lucky enough that I got to leave early. Seriously that was the best thing that could have happened that day because I got to have a couple hour nap which I was in desperate need of.

We went to Zoo Lights and I, for obvious reasons fell in love with Candy Land!
After Zoo Lights, I got warmed up at home and then I decided to go to bed because I just that tired still.
Saturday came and I was lucky enough to have a friend from work inform me that she had an extra ticket to the Nutcracker and asked if I wanted to go with her. I jumped at the opportunity to go. I haven't seen it in years and I always love the Ballet. So we went and it was beautiful. The music was just outstanding and the dancing made me jealous that I was never that talented at anything like that. I wish that they would have let you take pictures because it was just so beautiful.
After the Nutcracker I went home and I just cleaned up a bit and then did some last minute stocking stuffer shopping for Michelle.
On Sunday I got up and went to church, and for those of you who know me lately, that has been a very difficult thing for me to do. I am glad I went. They had an entire sacrament with musical numbers and people bearing their testimony.
I'm not going to lie, but I cant remember what I did after church, so Im going to assume that I didnt do much at all. hahaha

Then came Christmas Eve. Laura wanted to get her picture taken with Santa, but she slept in. I however was up and ready early, and I think that made the day that much better because I didnt just lounge around. I actually put forth an effort to look nice. As the day went on I just did a few things here and there but kept it pretty easy. Then we had to go get Michelle from work.. Which by the way is like FOREVER away from our house and she could transfer to the store thats super close to where we both live but she wont because she likes the people she works with. Yes I get that you like the people you work with but sometimes its easier to work closer especially when it will save you travel time and you can get more sleep this way.
Anyway, we went and got Michelle and then went to the nativity pagent that is held at Heritage Park. It was so unbelievably cold out. Good thing I brought a blanket to help keep us from freezing. No it did not keep us warm, but it kept the cold from fully setting in which was nice. Im going to be honest... Jeremy and I should NEVER sit next to each other for such occasions because we were worse than 2 immature teenagers with how disruptive we were being. There were a few times when we found it really hard not to burst out into loud laughter. Either way it made the evening that much better.

If your are wondering this picture is of Michelle, Myself and Jeremy. Michelles hat was like a dead animal that decided to blind her.

This is our Tree!! Seriously I have never seen so many presents under the tree for my personal christmas until I had moved out here and we decided to do christmas together. Yes I know that presents isnt the true meaning of christmas but it does help make things all the merrier!!

This year is was Michelles turn to buy the christmas pj's for us.... Needless to say mine were too small, but I still wore them. It made for a good laugh when we put them on especially because there was only one size difference between our pj's and her's were too big and mine were too small.

We did breakfast on christmas morning and then opened all of our presents. I was lucky because I got a lot of gifts from my family and friends and it just made everything so great. I do hate the feeling when all the presents are opened that christmas has in some way ended, and I think this is why I would in many ways have it so christmas didnt involve all the gift giving. Dont get me wrong, I very much appreicate the gifts that are given but it just seems to take away from what is really important during this time of the year.
After gifts we just did our own things until dinner time and then we ate... that is what the picture of above is of. After dinner we went to Monsters Inc. 3D. I LOVE that movie and when I heard that it was going to be back in theatres I said that we had to go. Laura and I started a tradition a few years back that we go to the movies on christmas day night... however last year christmas fell on a sunday so we didnt get to go. But this year we reinstated the tradition and went. I forgot how grea that movie was!

When we got home from the movies we had our dessert. I was in charge of getting/making it and seeing that Im not really that big on baking or cooking I went across the street and got a DQ Ice Cream cake... the lady at the counter was rather confused by what I wanted written on it. I dont think she understood what East Coast meant because she had to clarify 3 times that that was in fact what I wanted on the cake. I was trying really hard not to laugh at her. The saddest part about the cake was that when it came time to eat it I just wasnt that hungry so I didnt even finish my piece. It broke my heart in a lot of ways because this is my favorite cake.
I think that maybe it was because of the fact that I was actually quite nervous about the boy coming over. A lot of you know that I have a lot of issues opening up and letting my walls down, and I also seem to attach myself to the most wrong for me type of guys and this seriously terrifies me beyond anything that words can describe. I attached myself to someone for 2 and a half years and I fell so unbelievably in love with him. Yes love should be a good thing but in this case, little by little it was destroying me because he was never ever going to commit to me the way that I was in many ways committed to him. It didnt help that he was/is one of my best friends. Hes knows everything about me and he is one person I always want to talk to when things either go bad or go really good for me. It has taken me a long time to let myself get over him and just let the friendship remain and it feels great. But this has left a giant wall up around me. I dont want to get into another situation where I am stuck wasting time on someone who will never want me back the way that I want them, and someone who isnt willing to give us a chance. Again there are many walls that are up around me because of things that have happened in the past on many different occaisions with different people, and for the first time in a very long time I am letting some of them down. Again this isnt easy for me at all. This has got to be one of the most scary things that I have ever had to do in my life. I think I would rather have to get needles than open up the way that people want me to. Thats saying something because needles are my BIGGEST fear. Theres something about opening up to those who are close to me that just scares me so much. It puts me in a position where I feel naked and vulnerable and when Im in this position it is so much easier to get hurt, and the last thing that I want is to get hurt. I've been really hurt before and I felt as if I wanted to die, and the last thing I want is to feel that way again.
For some reason though, I feel as if I need to open up more with this person. Even though there have been many times where my initial instinct is to get the hell out of here and run for my life, I just cant seem to do that. Some people think that I need to be cautious, which I will be, but I cant seem to break away from the what could be. Something is keeping me right where I am, and as much as it's so scary for me, I know that its really good for me. Who knows if this is just to prepare me for something else that will come my way, but I know that this will help me grow and help make it easier for me to take the walls down at a later time.
2013 is coming up quick, and I am seriously so excited for the new year to start!!! There are many good things that this year will bring and its made me more excited to say goodbye to 2012.
2012 had what seems like more downs than up, and it has also presented me with many personal challenges and struggles that have literally torn me down in many ways. I'm ready to say farewell!
This coming year is bringing lots of things that are going to make me happy!
January 11th-21st I will be home in Halifax! I seriously cannot begin to express how excited I am to just go home and relax and see all my friends and family. It is going to be a great time to just reflect on what may come after I get home.
I will also be fully transitioned into my new position at work!! This is something I am more than excited about because it is a great career move within the company and it can help further me at a later date if ever want to move up. Because I am the person that I am, I want to move up and learn all that I can. I think that this company can help with that and it seriously isn't going to just be another job that I have, this is where my career will start!!
Now this is also going to help me get what I want the most right now... I want a car!! Seriously its a big thing for me! I have never had my own car and I need to get one. It will give me a different type of freedom that I never had before. I am just dying to get one!! I dont want a brand new car because they are too expensive and because the moment you drive it off the lot is depreciates in value by 5,000$ and I think that a gently used car is just as good as a new one. I dont want to buy outright because that will take forever to save up the money so I want to finance one. That is the next thing on my list... Now all I need to do is actually do it! I may need some help trying to pick one out because I suck at all things cars! I pretty much know nothing about them.
Now... 2013 will bring on something I dont really want it to... I turn 26 in less than 5 months and that is scary for me! But hey, with how things could possibly turn out, it could make 26 a pretty great year for me! *Fingers Crossed*
Now... on June 22nd there is someone who is coming to Canada... I wish she was coming to Calgary but shes not. She will be in Winnepeg and I will be too!! Laura and I are going to Taylor Swift!!!! I saw her in the fall of 2007 when she opened for Brad Paisley along with Rodney Atkins. I have never seen her headline a tour before and because I am just oh so in love with her, and because she seems to write every song about my own life and I cannot wait to hear them live and scream and go crazy!!!
Her opening act is Ed Sheeran who I am also so excited to see! He has some really great songs and I know that this trip is going to be great!!!
Now this is just the first 6 months of 2013... who knows what the other 6 months will bring! I am excited for all of the things unfold and see how certain things play out!!!
So 2012, Im sorry but I am more than ready to say goodbye to you!! You've been some what of a good year, but I think that 2013 will bring more surprises and many great memories!!!!

*I got all pictures from Laura... I dont have a computer of my own yet... It's awaiting me in Halifax*

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