Friday, June 22, 2012

I Work Out!

Laura the other day came home and said that she found someone who had the work out videos "Insanity" and that she uploaded them to her computer and that she was going to try it out. I had heard of this before and I heard that it was CRRRRRAAAAAZZZZZYYYY!!!
Well let me tell you this... IT IS!
Laura did the Day 1 fit test and told me that I should try it. So when I got home from work I thought about it and decided that I would give it a go.
It was crazy! I couldnt do a whole lot of everything but I pushed myself to do as much as I could. Yesterday was Day 2 and well, Kayla had a good laugh because I was yelling and looked ridiculous! Today I am so sore, but in the end I know that it will be worth it.
If you dont know what this is, here is a video!

Since getting my new job, which I love and has made me so happy, I have put on a few pounds. Now Im not saying that I am by any means fat, but there are some problem areas that I have. I had issues with my weight when I was in Junior High and High Shcool, but when I moved to Edmonton I lost a bunch of weight and felt good about myself. Heres the thing that not a lot of people know, after I lost a lot of weight because I couldnt afford food I got scared that I would put the weight back on because I finally could afford to get real groceries. This fear that I had kept me from eating. I chose not to eat a whole lot because I didnt want to gain the weight back. I made sure that I didnt eat some days because of this reason. I was stupid and not a smart eater.  Over the last few years I got better at actually eating and I put on a few pounds, but nothing too drastic because I was always on my feet all day and there was a time where I would run a few times a week. When I hurt my knee I stopped running but again because of where I worked I stayed pretty active everyday. Now at RECA I sit for about 97% of my day and when you sit and arent overly busy you start to snack. Now this is NOT a good thing to do. I have put on weight in areas I never thought possible. Im not saying I want to lose a lot of weight, but a few pounds would be nice and I want to tone my body. I think that the tonning part will help out with all the other areas that I seem to be having issues with lately.
This is all why I want to continue doing Insanity. Yes it is nice to look good when I go out or wear a certain outfit, and Yes it does feel great when you go into a store and you fit into a size that you deam acceptable. But for me its not all about the looking good part. Its more about feeling good with your body. I want to wake up in the morning and not think "Oh man I am a fatty cakes today" or "I wish I felt better about myself". I want to wake up in the morning knowing that I am doing something about the way I feel about myself, and be proud of who I am. Now Im not saying I want to be size 2 but I do want to feel confortable in whatever size I wear and I think that by doing this I will accomplish that goal.
Plus Lauras wedding is coming up in a few months and I want to look good!!
So today I am sore, but am proud of myself for doing this.


Laura Beth said...

I think I'm your biggest fan! Glad we are INSANE together -- because really, we are. This work out is nuts. I wish you would have posted your day one photo. :)

Melissa said...

I think it's amazing that you're doing insanity! You're a champ!