Thursday, November 13, 2014


I am clearly a little behind on the times and I haven't blogged about Halloween yet.
So, I decided a while back that I would take Dominic out for Halloween and I would eat his candy... clearly it was sacrifice that was really hard to make for me... I didn't want to take him to very many houses, just a few so that way we could say that he went out.
We talked a lot about what he would be and couldn't decide on anything. We thought about doing a family themed costume but we slacked off and didn't really prepare our costumes at all so that went out the window when we realized Halloween was 1 day away and we didn't have anything for ourselves.
I should say that we went to old navy and it was a sale on everything in the store at 40% off, and we saw the lion and it was the last in his size and we tried it on and it was too cute to say no, and then we noticed a mark on the shoulder of the costume and so we got another 50% off. So we paid about 10$ for it and it was the best thing ever.

I decided that I would just be a cat again... I also just noticed it looks like I'm with child again... nope, not even close... just chubby!

I bought a pumpkin specifically for a picture like this.... I bought his darth vadar candy holder thing that day. it was all that was left.

This was after the first house we went to. The lady gave him a handful of treats and he wouldn't let go of it the entire time.

He thought he was going to get to keep them... sorry kid!

Overall Halloween was a success and I cannot wait to go back out next year and have him ask for the candy himself and I still get to eat it haha I'm a mean mom!

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