Monday, October 27, 2014

9 Months

Friday marked the 9th month that I have been blessed to be a mom. It is crazy to think that in 3 very short months Dominic will be 1 year old.
He is growing everyday and testing my patience while he's at it. He likes to pull himself up on things and walk along furniture. He's a crawling machine and he is into everything.
He waves, high fives and gives kisses. He babbles all day long and he knows when I pull out my computer that Grandma will be on the screen and he gets very excited when that happens.
He loves to nurse and eat lots, and when I kneel down and stretch out my hands and say "come here" he will come to me. He gets upset when Dey leaves but is fine when I leave because he knows that I will be back. He loves his highchair and finally lets me wash his face after eating because I made it a game.
He's still the worst sleeper and spends most nights in our bed with us where he cuddles up next to me. He is a mamas boy. His hair growing but I wont cut it yet because I don't think its grown enough/gotten thick enough to actually cut it. He isn't really gaining any weight right now even though he feels like it. He is 19lbs5oz and is 29.5inches long. He is thinning out some because he is so active.
He doesn't know it, but he is excited to go to NS in December when we leave for a month, but he is also sad he wont see Dey everyday in person.
He doesn't like juice and he has never tried any sweets because he gets enough from my milk.
He loves his bath time and splashing around. He sometimes likes swimming lessons.
He hates getting changed and makes it really difficult to do so because hes so squirmy.
At the end of the day, he loves his mamma and dada and we love him! Happy 9 months to my little kiddo and please stop growing up!

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