Thursday, April 5, 2012

Re- Vamp!

ok! So im sitting at work right now... its not that busy so i thought i would take the time to write a little something.
2012 is the year to which i will re-vamp almost everything.. well maybe re-vamp isnt the right word but there is so much that i want to do this year, and well i have already started the process of the changes i wanted to undergo to make this year an unforgetable one.
so my list went as follows:
1. Get a new phone!
2.Cut off all my hair because its been long for what seems like forever now
3.Go back to brown to see if i like it better
4.Get a new Job
5.Get a car
6.Get my very own computer
7.Get a bunny!!!
8.Re Do my blog/maintain a consitent updating pattern
9.Be happy!
10.Travel some place ive never been before (preferably some place hot!)

So, I have accomplished 1-3 thus far and well as of right now im pretty pleased with myself.
But as far as my hair goes, i do like it brown but right now its just getting boring, so this weekend i am cutting it shorter and going back to blond! it should be interesting. this is going to be the shortest ive ever had my hair, but im excited for the change.

So in keeping with my whole changes theme, the link below is for TuPac's video changes. Some times im a little ghetto, but hey i like the song!

Have a good weekend and Happy Easter!

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