Monday, April 4, 2011

updates, updates, UPDATES!

a quick update is needed i think, seeing that i havent blogged in a while, and well it is april. well.. as im sure you all have heard via laura, we went and saw Never Say Never for a 4th time.

sorry its kinda dark... i forgot to make them brighter before uploading them on here, and well im not doing it again because my computer is being stupid and freezing every few seconds. we also brought children this time so that we didnt look so lame.. epic fail! haha the girls wouldnt dance or sing with me. but the guys down the row sure did... whether they were making fun of me or not i appreciated their enthusiam! (the movie comes out may 14th!) so last weekend i spent 5 hours at my brothers house where lyla wanted to push the button on the camera and seeing that her arms arent that long, the picture is rather close! but i dont care because i love love LOVE my monkey! the reason behind my visit was so that my brother could get his wetsuit back and so that if needed, i was there to provide assistance. thankfully he did it all on his own! lyla wanted a picture of her and daddy wearing his wetsuit. i just love that little girl. she is my favorite person in the ENTIRE world! no offence to anyone else who i just adore, but this little monket won my heart the moment i saw her almost 3 years ago! needless to say, those 5 hours at my brothers house was the highlight of my parents being away. i never thought my brother and i could actually sit and have a conversation that didnt feel awkward or didnt feel as if i was just trying to fill the silence that always seems to follow us whenever we are alone. that saturday, my love for my brother grew leaps and bounds, and for that i am thankful!

onto more recent things... MY TAX RETURN CAME TODAY!! its not as much as last year, but hey, 1,258$ is enough to keep me a happy girl. the other thing that came today... a postcard all the way from wyoming, where cortney has been visiting. she has been traveling the states when she can and has been sending me postcards from all the places she has been and i just LOVE it. the other thing that i got today that has brought probably the BIGGEST smile to my face... EFY HAS REQUESTED MY PAPERWORK!!! that means, i fill them out, then they send me my contracts to accept!! i have been waiting for this for what seems like FOREVER! ive made some stupid, yet much needed, decisions this past year and i thought that because of those i wouldnt get accepted. but ive been praying real hard that i get it, and well, i have come to know that even though praying for something that seems so pointless to others, but is important to me, the lord will answer it to fit our needs... and well EFY means the world to me and i am so SO grateful for it! anyway, i need to get going because while my parents have been away i havent had a fire going, therefore my feet are about to fall off!!!


Kristi Beth said...

I'm so happy you're doing EFY again! This year is going to be A-MA-ZING!

Laura Beth said...

How dare Kristi beat me to the comments... um, your answering machine message is still scaring me AND I look really skinny in those pictures. Send them to me! hahahah